Lange Tafel (English)

Lange Tafel

A city-staged production in 3 acts.

Acting in the lead roles are
teenagers and citizens of all ages
engaged in intergenerational dialogue.

The exchange of experiential knowledge leads
to an emerging of art and communication.

Die Lange Tafel (The Long Table) ...

… is an oral history production for communication in the public domain. The dialogue and scenic play unfold in an exchange of experiential knowledge and changing values together with eyewitnesses.

The production is composed of a three-act-process:

1st act: The oral history process. The youths conduct interviews in the streets and in meetings with eyewitnesses to learn about their biographical knowledge, which they subsequently capture in written form. The resulting stories are collected and bound into a chronicle. This allows for preserving valuable memories of an older generation otherwise in danger of disappearing.

2nd act: A big communal spaghetti meal with actors, art performances and communication for the whole neighborhood. The collection of stories is handed over to the patron of the event. Another version of singular stories on loose sheets is hung up on a clothes line along the Lange Tafel for everyone to read. The youths and artists function as hosts and presenters for the event.

3rd act: Documentation of the entire production. The process is captured in video, photography, exhibition of stories and a certificate for the youths that attests the acquired social and technical
skills. The entirety of chronicles is open and available for cultural purposes and can be visited online or ordered in digital form at the Lange Tafel e.V.

Intermediate Educational Project

The Lange Tafel comes alive through a mutual educational and reflective process of generations and cultures. In the sharing experiential knowledge transforms into empathy and generates integrative power (Promotion of language, biography, education, home and identity). The collective storytelling encourages a look back to the future. In a secondary use of the results we create theater plays,
audio plays, creative workshops, open-space events, exhibitions, teacher trainings, career guidance and equality of opportunities.

Lange Tafel

The Three Pillars of The Lange Tafel

1st pillar: The Lange Tafel with its three acts. In 2010 Isabella Mamatis, who initiated the Lange Tafel developed the Denk-malfür-Migration from the storytelling process of the Lange Tafel.

2nd pillar: Internet platform for the cultural recognition of migration services of people. Deriving from that multiple staged readings emerged at the German Theater in Berlin, as well as the foundation of the...

3rd pillar: The oral history theater 2012.
Resulting from the cultural esteem and recognition for experiential biographical knowledge the goals for the Lange Tafel production unfolded.

1. The conjunction of art, communication and social work, transcends
the individual boundaries to form an interactive environment
between the cultures and religions.

2. The living next to one another turns into a living and learning
from one another.

  • A strengthening of civic engagement – citizenship
  • The creation of inclusive and safe living space
  • Development of intercultural education in living together
  • The support of democratic fields of activity and linguistic skills in the public space
  • International networking: one day a long table (Lange Tafel) will go all around the world

Lange Tafel

The patrons

2015: Cansel Kiziltepe, member of the Bundestag for the Financial
Committee | Since 2014: Frank Balzer, district mayor Reinickendorf;
Michael Grubert, mayor of Kleinmachnow; Monika Hermann, district
Mayor Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg | Since 2013: Jann Jakobs, mayor
of Potsdam; Reinhard Naumann, district mayor of CharlottenburgWilmersdorf;
Sandra Scheeres, Senator for Education, Youth and Science
| Since 2012: Helmut Kleebank, district mayor Spandau | Since 2011:
Barbara John, former Integration Commissioner of Berlin; Dr. Christian
Hanke, district mayor Mitte; Norbert Kopp, district mayor SteglitzZehlendorf;
Wolfgang Keller, Mayor City Braunfels | Since 2010: Prof.
Dr. E. Jürgen Zöllner, Senator for Education, Science and Research |
Since 2009: Gabriele Schoettler, district mayor Treptow-Koepenick;
Dr. John Winter, mayor Loitz | Since 2008: Dr. Franz Schulz, district
mayor Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg; Heinz Buschkowsky, district mayor
of Neukölln | Since 2007: Klaus Wowereit, Governing mayor of Berlin |
Since 2006: Cornelia Reinauer, district mayor Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

The team of the Lange Tafel e. V.:
Barbli Gerster, graduate psychologist, retail saleswoman; Sabine Linneweber,
event management; Ulf Mailänder, author, coach, vice chairman;
Isabella Mamatis, actress, director and author, initiator and chairwoman;
Sabrina Rossetto, interior designer; Wolfgang Spenke, media host

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Lange Tafel


Lange Tafel e. V.
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